Bye, bye jtwt.js...

Due to the Twitter API ver. 1. depreciation "jtwt.js" will stop working on June, 11. This means any websites or apps that make use of this plugin won't be able to display recent tweets or to perform any search queries anymore.

A change to version 1.1 is unfortunately currently not possible.

The reason for this is rather simple:

Twitter's API ver. 1. 1. requires additional authentication via oAuth, even for public data. jQuery is simply not capable of that without further help from server-side scripts.

jtwt.js was never designed for such things and so we decided to end this project here, after 3 great years.

What should you do now?

You have 5 days left to replace the plugin. Unfortunately there aren't any javascript-only solutions out there, but here are some alternatives:

We want to say thank you to the thousands of people, who used our plugin every day. Thank you!

Note: We spoke with a lot of people about the depreciation of the Twitter API ver. 1 in the last few weeks. Unfortunately we had false informations about the effect of the depreciation on the Search API.

This was simply due the unclear documentation of this particular part of the API and inaccurate research by our self.

We apologize for that.